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Caledonian College of Engineering, Oman (CCE) currently has 38 engineering and IT laboratories. These laboratories are at present managed by Caledonian Technical and Laboratory Services (CATALYSE). These departments project annual capital expenditure (CAPEX) budget for purchasing equipment and machinery for these labs, and the maintenance and repairs are carried out using the internal and external resources. The purchase orders and general maintenance related requirements are handled by Central Services of the College.

The CATALYSE was created or established to bring together all laboratories and technical services under one umbrella for effective management and better utilization of resources.

The CATALYSE is comprising of (i) all engineering laboratories and (ii) a central technical support. The laboratory management, including asset and inventory control, lab supervisory support, technical staff training, HSE aspects, and assisting the College Central Services in the purchase of laboratory equipment and machinery is handled by the CATALYSE. Also, the periodic maintenance of equipment and machinery available in the college, troubleshooting minor and major faults using in-house or external expertise, fabrication of experimental test benches, and calibration of test equipment will also be handled by a section of CATALYSE.

Like any other central entity, CATALYSE DEPARTMENT will liaise with all departments and sections and take necessary input for effective management of laboratory resources. Annually, CATALYSE will request the academic departments to forward a list of their requirements, and prepare a CAPEX for approval by the Board of Directors.

Also, before the commencement of every new semester, the academic departments must send the details of the laboratory sessions required for the modules offered and CATALYSE will arrange access to the relevant labs and provide necessary technical supervisory support – to assist the module tutors during the laboratory sessions.

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