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About Department

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, is one of the early department that was started at NU College Of Engineering. Ever since the department is committed to developing professionals in the subject areas associated with the construction industry and the natural environment. The department currently has 750 students spread over different programs. The Department offers three academic units: one Bachelor of Engineering programme and two BSc programmes, both of which are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), an international accreditation body in the UK.

The Department offers a variety of workshops, short term courses and field visits focusing on preparing students for professional careers in the construction, surveying, quantity surveying, design, legislations, waste management and environment disciplines.

The Department prides itself on the innovative teaching methods that are used and the quality graduates that it produces. Graduates are widely sought after due to the practical experience gained throughout their programmes and the Department has developed strong links with industry and government bodies to ensure, students gain relevant practical experience to complement their studies. The department also has a CIOB student chapter, which enable the students to interact with international forums of civil engineers.
A team of well qualified and committed faculty is the strength of the department.

Programs offered

Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) Honours Degree in Built and Natural Environment in the following specialisation

Bachelor of Science (BSc) Honours Degree in Built and Natural Environment in the following specialisation

BEng Honours Degree in Civil Engineering

“Building a sustainable future”

The construction and infrastructure development industries are two of the largest industries in Oman and a major contributor to capital generation and employment. The built environment has a major influence on the quality of life of all members of society and on the economic prosperity of the nation.
This programme relates to the introducing of the most common practices of civil engineering. It leads on to cover areas such as wastewater treatment, solid waste management, structural design, and the rehabilitation of structures. Modules such as environmental sciences are introduced to create awareness of environment-related issues, important for the protection of natural resources. Students also learn how to manage the execution of projects by setting goals, planning time, preparing budgets and considering indicators of quality while at the same time being sensitive to environmental constraints. Read more...

BEng Honours Degree in Construction Engineering

“Engineering a vision into a reality”

Travel any highway or cross any bridge, walk into a building or shop in a mall and the reality of construction engineering becomes immediately apparent. Architects envision exciting designs, but it is the challenge of construction engineering to make those visions concrete. This involves a set of practical and intellectual skills and a strong team-working ethos.

To cater for the national and international demand for skilled human resources within the construction industry, this programme has been designed to provide you with a strong knowledge and understanding of your subject, complemented with intellectual, professional, practical and transferable skills associated with construction engineering. Areas covered in the programme include construction techniques, heavy construction equipment’s and machinery, building services, restoration & rehabilitation, contract administration, risk analysis and management of new and existing structures that covers small projects to mega structures like sky scrapers, roads, bridges, tunnels, railways, airports, dams and shopping malls. Apart from this programme is blended with design modules such as design of concrete & steel structures. Read more...

BSc Honours Degree in Measurement & Cost Engineering

“Measuring the impossible”

Measurement and Cost Engineering is a professional engineering discipline mainly focused at construction industry. As its name implies, this discipline is concerned with estimation, bills of quantity and project finance but it also deals with tender and contract preparation, legislations, valuation, cost and risk analysis.

In this programme, you will come to recognize that enhancement of living conditions has much to do with weighing ‘desirables’ against ‘affordable’. This is encountered by learning how to manage and execute projects by setting goals, planning time, preparing budgets and considering indicators of quality while at the same time being sensitive to environmental constarints. In addition, you will learn about construction techniques, project management and corporate strategies.Read more...

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