Student Conduct

Students are expected to assume responsibility for their actions, observe traditional ethics, Omani local laws and college policies and respect the rights and property of other people. Knowing the basics can make getting healthy a lot easier. 

The college has an obligation to maintain conditions under which the core operation of CCE can be delivered, in accordance with the highest standards of quality, institutional integrity, and freedom of expression, with full recognition by all concerned of the right and privileges, as well as the responsibilities, of those who comprise the CCE community.   For more information visit Student Support Services.  Policies, In campus students are subject to the responsibilities laid out by the college. For more information visit CSSS in Room M05 . Contact number 24536165 Ext 279. For Code of Conduct for Student, follow student guide book and page references. (Click for Student Guide)

  1. 44
  2. Student dress 45
  3. Student code of conduct in class 45
  4. Student code of conduct in 46
  5. Minimum attendance 46
  6. Student code of conduct in 47
  7. No smoking 47
  8. Penalities for student misconduct/academic 48

Student Process:This information will help guide students through the conduct process. For further information, visit Student Support Services. Room M05 .

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