Wellness & Student Safety

Wellness, knowing the basics of wellness whether mental or physical can help you make healthy choices. CCE cares about the Wellness of its community and provides healthy environment, counseling and recreational services. Campus Recreation, Campus Recreation enhances quality of life through fun and diverse recreational and leisure opportunities. Student Employment as Trainee Student. Counseling and Psychological Services, CCE cares and helps create a vibrant, safe community where mental health and academic life flourish. For more information visit Student Support Services. Room M05 . Contact number 24536165 Ext 278. Health Services, Health services are offered on-campus. This includes well equipped First Aid room with dedicated nurse on campus. First Aid Check & In patient visit anytime during working hours. For more of information visit HSE office or contact number 24536165 Ext 379. Transportation to health center and government hospital is assisted by hostel wardens. Helping student need to call respective hostel warden contact numbers as shown on hostel notice boards.

Student Safety: Staying healthy (Emotionally, Socially, Spiritually, Intellectually, Physically) and being safe are important components to successful learning. Towards this, we offer services for your physical and mental well-being. Stay healthy. Stay safe. All CCE members of college community are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of our students treating them with honesty and respect. The health and Safety division works closely with staff Aid wardens in campus.

Help Myself: Knowing when you need help is the first step. Let us help you, if you have had a bad experience or are have a difficult personal situation, you have provision to report at college. Visit class adviser, CSSS for Student Counselor or get advice from experienced staffs. More inform visit Student Support Services in Room M05 / Contact number 24536165 Ext: 178

Help a Friend: If you have a friend who is in need of help, CCE has resources and services to support you and your friend. You don't have to be a trained professional to help support others who are having a difficult time. There are several ways to show your support to someone in need. The first way is to actively listen. More inform visit Student Support Services. Room M05/ Contact number 24536165 Ext: 178

Health Services

All members of the CCE community are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of our students while treating them with honesty and respect. Student Support Services works closely with campus and community partners to provide a number of resources to assist students.

On-campus emergencies:
call 24536165 Ext 222
Immediate support or to speak with a confidential hostel warden or supervisor :
Call 24536165 Ext 379 Mr. Ashraf
Call 24536165 Ext 280 Mr. Muntasar Al Balushi

Campus Security

Surveillance Camera Guidelines: College is committed to enhancing the quality of life of the campus community by integrating the best practices of safety and security with technology. A critical component of a comprehensive security plan is the utilization of a surveillance camera system. The surveillance of public areas is intended to deter crime and assist in protecting the safety and property of the College. It is an extension of the college’s law enforcement function even though it is managed by ITS.

These guidelines address the College’s safety and security needs while respecting individual privacy of those attending, working or visiting College. To ensure the protection of individual privacy rights and related state and federal laws, this statement formalizes the process of installing surveillance equipment on College property. Additionally, these guidelines pertain to the viewing, retention, dissemination, and destruction of recordings.

Installation Procedures and Locations: The use of surveillance cameras is limited to uses that do not violate a person's "reasonable expectation of privacy", as that term is defined by law. All surveillance cameras, including those in temporary locations or for active monitoring, will only be installed with the advance approval of the Director of Security Serdeputys and the appropriate College Dean. The College’s use of surveillance cameras for monitoring or recording must be used in a professional, ethical, and legal manner consistent with all existing College policies. Although not legally required to do so, the College will inform student employees when surveillance cameras are utilized in the workplace.

The College will limit camera positions and views of certain areas. Any view within a residential area will be no greater than what is available with unaided vision. Surveillance cameras will not view private bedrooms, bathrooms, locker room dressing/shower areas, offices, classrooms not used as a lab, or areas through windows. Surveillance cameras will be installed and configured to prevent tampering with or duplicating recorded information. All new installation of surveillance cameras must connect to the College's main system.

Viewing: Only authorized personnel, as determined by the ITS manager and appropriate College Deputy dean, will be involved in, or have access to, surveillance monitoring. The existence of this policy does not imply or guarantee that cameras will be monitored in real time 24 hours a day, seven days a week, however the College reserves the right to do so. For more information contact: Dr Mahalingam on 24536165 Ext 302.

Retention and Release of Information: Images obtained through surveillance monitoring or recording will be retained for a length of time deemed appropriate for the purpose of monitoring, but not to exceed 90 days, unless such images have historical value, or are being used for a criminal and/or judicial investigation in accordance with this policy. Surveillance recordings will be stored in a secure location with access by authorized personnel only.

College personnel are prohibited from using or disseminating information acquired from surveillance cameras except for official purposes. All information and/or observations made in the use of surveillance cameras are considered confidential and can only be used for official College and law enforcement purposes. Information and results obtained through surveillance monitoring or recording will only be released when authorized by the ITS Security and the appropriate College deputy dean.

All requests from sources external to the College for the release of information and results obtained through surveillance monitoring or recording must be submitted to the ITS Security.

On-campus emergencies:
call 24536165 Ext 222
Immediate support or to speak with a confidential CSSS staff or supervisor:
Call 24536165 Ext Mr. Ahmed Al Zadjali (Deputy Manager- CSSS)
Call 24536165 Ext 379 Mr. Ashraf (HSE Officer)


Caledonian College of Engineering has provide ample car parking areas for students adjacent to the college. There are three different locations where students take care of their automobiles. The college is not responsible for the damage done to the car. It is therefore left to the students to maintain discipline in car parking paying attending to the country Traffic Rules and Regulations. College is not liable for any loss or damage to vehicles. Students who use their personal vehicles on College business do so at their own risk.

Show respect for disabled parking!: Are you one of those people who parks in disabled parking bay because you are quickly running into the college or shop and won't take long? Do you use disabled parking because it’s after hours and no disabled person should be out at this time?

On-campus emergencies:
Call 24536165 Ext 222

Student Psychological Services

Ms Salima Ali Khalfan Al Quititi is associated with Top Medical Care (Topmedics), a Muscat-based health service.
Top Care message to College: Caledonian College has asked us to be available to you for times when you feel that you need assistance. The college cares about our campus community and your well-being. We can usually help to resolve stressful issues of most kinds, either academic or personal.

Whether you are a faculty, staff or administration member, this is everyone’s workplace. Faculty may encounter obstacles to their teaching, either arising from the workplace or from home. The same can be true for members of our hard-working staff, who assist everyone at Caledonian in their daily lives away from home.

Anyone can sometimes have a personal struggle in this demanding academic environment. We are here to help anyone and everyone. Teachers can advise their students, or refer them to their academic advisor for additional assistance – and we are one more link in the chain of help. We often see people by referral, but it is not necessary. Anyone is always welcome. It is especially important to understand something: You are not alone, ever. You can normally find us in the Caledonian Students Support Services department (CSSS), on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

TopCare email address is: psychologist@caledonian.edu.om

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