Student Support Services

  • To provide professional advice, support and guidance in specific areas such as Pre-entry guidance, Student Induction, Counseling, Careers advice, Transfer to GCU, Educational Loans & Health Care Service.
  • To assist the students on issues which might adversely affect their ability to achieve the academic objectives.
  • To enable the students to participate in extra-curricular activities to develop skills required to function effectively in their professional and personal life.
  • To provide expert opinion, information and professional advice to students, parents, employers, Management and Ministries on various student issues and their needs or areas of interest.
  • To develop communication and leadership skills

MISSION - Caledonian Student Support Services

  • Enhance the academic, personal and overall development of the students and equip them with the skills required for professional and social life.
  • Support the College in achieving its overall objectives
  • Respond to the differing needs of the students
  • Generate interest in constructive and developmental activities among the students.
  • Provide facilities and services for students in a friendly and caring environment

Support Facilities
Counseling and Advice
Pre-Entry Guidance: Pre entry guidance and information is provided where required in order to assist the students in making the right choice of programmes.

Student Bank Loans: Assistance is given to students to obtain educational loans from any bank in Oman, by providing required information to the concerned bank.
Contact: Mr. Ashraf Valappil, Head of Department - Finance & Accounts:

Student Induction: One full day has been set apart before the start of regular classes for student induction which will enable the new and continuing students to complete all admission formalities and familiarise with the College and its facilities. The Induction Day will cover the following:

  • Completing the admission formalities, including payment of fees
  • Meeting with HOD concerned or staff members
  • Tour around the college premises
  • Issues to books, familiarization with College rules and regulations

Student Counseling: Counseling offers guidance and support to the students at every stage of their college life and helps them to explore, clarify and understand any problems or concern that are affecting them. Counseling, guidance and support to the students helps them in career planning and also guides them how they can build a profile of relevant skills and qualities, both academic and non-academic activities. It also helps them in planning for short and long-term goals and for job opportunities.

Our counselors offer confidential support, advice and counseling to all students, including specialist assistance where required. The Department also deals with crisis situations, should they arise, and with long term issues, including personal, relationship and financial difficulties.

Counseling aims to help the students to take responsibility for their own decisions, to become more aware of their personal resources and to become more able to cope with all aspects in life. The student counselors will be pleased to discuss any problems you have in conditions of complete confidentiality.
Contact: Ms Maimoona Al Hilali (Ext 276)/ Mr. Ahmed Al Zadjali (Ext 275) Caledonian Student Support Services

Student Advice: Offers practical advice and assistance on any issue from Accommodation, Student Loans and other matters and ensure that no student is at disadvantage due to lack of information.
The students can expect:

  • Confidential Service
  • Objective impartial advice or information
  • Any information regarding the transfer to GCU
  • Career information
  • Information regarding employment

Contact: Ms Maimoona Al Hilali (Ext 276)/ Mr. Ahmed Al Zadjali (Ext 275) Caledonian Student Support Services

Transfer of Students to GCU: Students who have successfully completed the university diploma or the Bachelors Degree will receive a named award from the Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU). They can either exit with the Diploma/Bachelors Degree or have the option to join an appropriate degree programme at GCU or any other university. The academic affiliation agreement between Caledonian College of Engineering (CCE) and GCU enables direct transfer of successful CCE student to GCU for 3rd year or 4th year of the appropriate Programme.
Contact: Ms. Liza George - Assistant Registrar - Registry & Liaison

Student Council

Brief History and Context of Caledonian Student Council
Approach: In September 2009, it was formally decided that a Student Council should be elected to represent the interests of the student body. The establishment of such a body has only recently been endorsed by higher authorities in Oman. That said, the Caledonian College of Engineering (CCE) has always believed in the importance of student representation and has a long-established practice within the college of student participation on programme boards and other academic bodies, including Academic Council. The election of a Student Council, which has evolved quite naturally from the college’s class-by-class representation system, is seen as a mechanism for identifying, discussing, and solving student-related issues as well as involving students in the wider community. The Council also gives a platform for expressing students’ views, talents and abilities and thereby provides an enriching experience for the College as a whole. It addition, a council offers students an opportunity to enhance their professional development through leadership and management activities.

Deployment: Former representation was organised on a class-by-class basis and this has been chosen as the mechanism for electing the inaugural Student Council. The Student Council is bound by Terms of Reference that were drawn up in October 2009 (and subsequently endorsed by the College Executive in February 2010) to goven the activities of the Council. The members of the Council are accountable for building, sustaining and integrating a strong and functional student community that will work in partnership with college management and staff, as well as with parents, for the benefit of all students. A history of the Council is summarised in the table below.

Table 1: Synopsis of Caledonian Student Council Election
System of student class representatives established 1999
Decision taken to introduce a student council to CCE September 2009
Election of class representatives this academic year November 2009
Election of Student Council members from class representatives 16th December 2009
Election of senior Student Council members 16th December 2009
First official meeting of Student Council members 28th February 2010
Presentation of the Student Council to all staff members 23rd February 2010
Meeting of senior Student Council members with new students 1st March 2010
Frequency of Student Council meetings Twice per Semester
Frequency of senior Student Council member meetings Once per Week
Election of senior Student Council members 29th December 2014
First official meeting of Student Council members 1th January 2015
Election of class representatives this academic year 20th January 2015

Results: The inaugural Student Council is being conducted as a pilot study to test the enthusiasm of students for this initiative. It is already clear that the council has been embraced by the student body as the Council has been active in this year’s annual Charity Fair in March 2010 and is already organising support for other college activities. A full review of the activities of the council will be carried out by the Professional Development Working Group (PDWG), the inter-department staff body initially tasked with researching and proposing the founding of a council, at the end of the current semester.

Improvement: Under new MOHE decision no (71/ 2014) all institutes follow the guidelines provide “ The Organizational Manual of Student Advisory Councils in Higher Education Institutions.

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