Research Grant

Sl. No Project title Research Team Total Project Amount (RO)* Date of Award Status
The Research Council (TRC)
1 Application of Solar Nano-Photo Catalysis in Reverse Osmosis Pre-treatment Process Prof. S. Feroz 108,100 Oct-2012 Completed
2 Renewable Energy Production from Anaerobic Co-digestion of Fruit and Vegetable Waste together with Oil and Fatty Residue Prof. Joseph  V.Thanikal
Prof. S.M. Rizwan
110,175 May-2012 On going
3 Design and Development of Desalination Flash Chamber for Integrating IT with Concentrated Type Solar Collectors Assoc. Prof. Sudhir C.V
Asst. Prof. Ravinder Kumar
Prof. S. Feroz
146,900 Dec-2013 On going
Middle East Desalination Research Center (MEDRC)
4 An investigation of Total Composition of Seawater in Oman Prof. S. Feroz 29,000 Jun-08 Completed
5 Application of Solar Energy RO Pre-treatment Process (Phase-I) Prof. S. Feroz 18,800 Jan-08 Completed
6 Reliability Modeling & Analysis of a Desalination Plant in Oman Prof. S.M. Rizwan
Prof  K P Ramachandran
11,600 Dec-08 Completed
Consultancy Projects
Industrial Innovation Centre (IIC)
7 Value Creation from Oil Production water: Pilot Production of Microalgae for the Commercial Production of High-Value Products Prof. S. Feroz 10,417 Jul-10 Completed
8 Water from Air Dr. K. M. Abubacker
Mr. Ragavesh
85,510 Nov-11 Completed
9 Design and Development of a Portable Crusher Grinding Machine for Marble and Granite Waste. Dr. Amuthakkannan
Ms. Bushra Salim Nasser Al Rahbi
Mr. Suresh Babu
29,850 Jun-12 Completed
10 Development of a National Standardization Policy for Omani Manufactured Water Coolers & Air Conditioners (Split Units) Prof. S. Feroz
Prof. K. P. Ramachandran
Mr. J. Varghese (Research Asst)
Dr. A.G.Mathew (Consultant)
11,800 Nov-12 Completed
11 Standalone Solar Photovoltaic water cooler  Prof. K. P. Ramachandran
Prof. S. Feroz
Mr. J. Varghese (Research Asst)
Dr. A.G.Mathew (Consultant)
21,260 Nov-12 Completed
12 Characterization and Treatment of Textile Industry Effluents using Nanotechnology Prof. S. Feroz
Ms. Geetha Devi
Dr. Syed Murtuzza Ali
308,975 Dec-12 Completed
13 Critical study  and analysis of existing production lines for enhancement of  productivity  and efficiency in NCPI- LLC Assoc. Prof. R V Murali
Dr K Jaballi
Mr. Suresh Babu
12,825 Mar-13 Completed
Other Industries
14 Extraction and Separation of Niobium and Tantalum from Iron Ore Prof. S. Feroz
Dr. Shah Jahan
2,400 Jan-09 Completed
15 Reliability and Availability Analysis of PLC Systems and Inspections Models for Maintenance at Salalah Port Prof K P Ramachandran
Prof. S.M. Rizwan
5,000 Oct-10 Completed

*The total project cost for MEDRC/IIC include contribution of the industries (75%) alongwith MEDRC/IIC sponsorship

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