Green Initiatives

One of CCE's goal is to provide an innovative, creative and environmentally aware learning experience for students and also to create a clean and green culture among faculty with the promotion of a paperless environment and an awareness of the need for the conservation of energy and water and the need for recycling etc. CCE is committed to establishing a Renewable Energy Centre to facilitate research and consultancy, education and training for the Omani society. CCE has organized international and regional conferences in the areas of renewable energy to create a platform for discussing and brainstorming innovative and creative ideas on green concepts. It has also held student competitions to encourage creative ideas from young engineers. The following are some of the green initiatives implemented by CCE:

  1. Energy Efficiency Team: College formed a team to implement and monitor energy efficiency concepts within the campus. Posters displaying indicating energy and water saving messages were displayed all over the campus to create awareness among students and staff members.
  2. Paperless office: Digitization of all records by Admissions & Registry. In this way the staff can see documents online avoiding the need to print multiple copies.
  3. Paper cut software: Installed in all PCs. This is one way to reduce the number of printouts. Staff and students are now given a limited printing facility. Previously there was no limit and paper consumption was very high.
  4. Softcopy:
    • Office orders and matters are sent through mail rather than issuing hard copies
    • Study materials for students:
      1. Started issuing CDs. Earlier we were issuing hardcopies (papers)
      2. Study materials for students. CCE now issues CDs rather than issuing hardcopies. This has led to a reduction of photocopying by 800,000 pages per semester.
  5. Recycling: We have appointed a company M/s Enhance for recycling papers and plastic and other materials(such as bottles and cans). Staff have also been advised to both side of the paper (for printing as well as while photocopying). This appointed company has kept drums and they collect the materials on a weekly basis.
  6. LED lights:Several halogen flood lights have been replaced with LED floodlights .
    • Lighting at the penthouse corridor is from Solar panel. A maximum load of 3.28 kWP can be connected to this grid enough to give power for 8 hrs
    • Lighting near the Assembly Hall. 2 flood lights has been connected to a single 205watts solar PV. The lights used here are LED lights
  7. Greenery: Planted many trees/shrubs wherever possible all across our campus
  8. Research Projects: A number of research projects have been undertaken in the area of solar energy applications for water treatment, desalination, power generation, water pumping, solid waste management, waste products as low cost absorbents.
  9. ICHT Conferences: Organizing International conferences on Harnessing Technology every two years, creating a platform for discussions from reputed experts in the area of renewable energy.   
    LED lighting:
  10. BMS: Building management system will be installed to take care of chiller (CMS), pump room functions. Many parameters can be controlled through BMS and thereby electricity consumption and in the long run wear and tear of the connected equipment can be reduced to a certain extent
  11. Chiller: Towards green building concept, we are going for Chiller system though the cost for Chiller system is almost double than that of VRV or any other cooling system.
  12. Green concepts:
    • In order to reduce the heat load/HVAC load, the external walls are all sandwich paneled and even the window glass are all double cavity paneled. This will not only reduce the inflow of heat but at the same time will reduce the AC load.
    • Void: Open to sky (OTS) provided at many areas to bring natural lights inside the building area.

CCE Promoting Green Awareness in Omani Schools

As a part of corporate social responsibility towards a green and clean environment in Sultanate of Oman, Caledonian College of Engineering took a new initiative to promote green awareness among school children in Omani schools. CCE student Ms. Halima Mohammed Said Al Ghfri supported by Prof. S. Feroz and team from the Caledonian Centre for Creativity and Innovation are taking a lead role in visiting schools and interacting with school children by presenting a short presentation titled “Save Water, Save Power” and also giving a demonstration on the usage of renewable energy systems with the help of small models prepared by the students.

The presentation is in Arabic as well as English to help students properly on energy conservation, impact of fossil fuels usage on the environment, the benefits of recycling, the use of solar and wind energy as alternative sources of energy, and pollution control etc.

The following schools were visited so far and it is planned to visit at least one or two schools per week by the team.

     Equipment Kit used by CCE team to make school kids understand on Green Energy

CCE team leader Ms. Halima discussing about presentation with Sultan School Coordinator Ms. Karima Ben Hassine

CCE team leader Ms. Halima Presentation on “Save Water, Save Power”
School: Sultan Qaboos School
Location: Al-Hail
Date of Visit: 22nd April 2013 at 10.00 AM
CCE team leader Ms. Halima Presentation on “Save Water, Save Power” CCE team leader Ms. Halima Presentation on Renewable energy systems

School: Barakah bint Tha’alabah
Location: Al-Mawaleh Al Ganobiyah
Date of Visit: 26th March 2013 at 10.00 AM

CCE team leader Ms. Halima Presentation on “Save Water, Save Power”
School: Umamah bint Al-Aass
Location: Al Khoudh
Date of Visit: 27th March 2013 at 8.30 AM
CCE team leader Ms. Halima Presentation on “Save Water, Save Power” CCE team leader Ms. Halima Presentation on Renewable energy systems
School: Shuraf bint Khalifa
Location: Wilayat Barka’a
Date of Visit: 2nd April 2013 at 12.00 PM
CCE team leader Ms. Halima Presentation on “Save Water, Save Power”
School: Shamsa’a Al-Khaliliyah
Location: Al-Khouar
Date of Visit: 10th April 2013 at 9.30 AM


In recognition of the above green initiatives, Oman Green Awards, an annual event organized by the Oman Economic Review, bestowed the “Oman Green Education Award” for the years 2011, 2012 and 2013 on the College. This award has put more responsibility on CCE to further enhance their green initiatives as a part of CSR for the Oman Society.  

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