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Farhan Mahmood Al-Farsi

Caledonian College of Engineering has been a second home to me. I spent three wonderful years in the College and made a lot of friends and acquaintances, came into my own as an individual and I even managed to gain some knowledge in the process!!

Caledonian always offered me with new and challenging things and motivated me to do my best to try to be the best. Since I joined the College I always tried to be involved in everything that happened in the college. The College always encouraged students to take up responsibilities and take part in many activities without neglecting the educational and academic part and in turn also rewarded the achievers.

This is somewhat of the same philosophy that is used in Schlumberger, and I was very happy to join a company with the reputation that they have. If I were asked to describe CCE in a nutshell, I would say " My first love", as it has been an experience I will never forget and it will always have a special place in my heart where ever I go or what ever I do. Finally, I would like to mention something I heard from our Principal and Dean once, which was " You have two ears and one mouth, so use them in that proportion ", which means listen twice as much as you talk you just might learn something,

I hope you have a wonderful time in Caledonian College of Engineering full of knowledge and cherished memories, and whatever you do, do your best, Good Luck!!

Haitham Al Rawahi

What has impressed me most at Caledonian are the well equipped laboratory facilities with modern and state-of-the-art equipment. Caledonian College has given me some wonderful opportunities, not only learning experiences but also some knowledge in management and responsibilities.

As Student Representative in the College Academic Council I have gained more insight into the Academic commitments of the College to the students, as Student Chairman of the Staff-Student Consultation Group I have gained knowledge in coordinating with staff and students on academic issues and, as a member of the Football Management Committee I have had further exposure to coordinating extra-curricular and sports activities, All these qualities and experiences, I am sure will help me further when I go out into the real world as a Computer Engineer. I am sure proud to be a Caledonian.


Qatan Mohamed Said

I am Qatan Mohamed Said student of Caledonian College of Engineering during 2001-05. I have completed BSc with Honours in Computer Engineering at CCE. It was very interesting and rich experience to complete my studies at CCEO. I enrolled as SPT (special Part Time) student at CCE and it offered me very flexible learning environment to meet my work requirements. The teaching environment is also good. The practical skills acquired during my Honours study significantly helped me to contribute at my work place successfully.

“The knowledge and skills I gained at Caledonian helped me to a great extend at my work place to achieve a senior position now”

Mohammed Al-Falahi

Caledonian College of Engineering gave me the opportunity to further my higher education in Engineering. With my instrumentation engineering work experience and the process operation knowledge and skills, the degree in Mechatronics from Caledonian added a new dimension to my career and future.

Mohammed Al-Falahi, Mechatronics Graduate 2004-05 Currently working with PDO

Mahir Saud Ali Al-Zidjaly

The two years spent at Caledonian were full of remarkable memories. I didn’t just leave with a degree in Engineering but with continuous learning skills and everlasting relationships. The knowledge gained during my study period has helped me to work effectively and brightly. I take this opportunity to thank all involved in helping me to achieve this milestone in my life.

Mahir Saud Ali Al-Zidjaly, Process Operations & Maintenance Graduate 2004-05
Currently working with Oman LNG

Mubarak Khamis Mubarak Al Balushi

Being a graduate of this programme has helped me sharpen my administrative skills at my work place. I now feel more confident to take on the challenges of my job and I look upon myself as a complete engineer.

The most important factor responsible for this is the sound technology background that I have gained over the years of my study on this programme. The college has set high standards for teaching and learning and I look upon my years of study here as extremely fruitful.

Saif Khamis Al Amri

I will not be exaggerating if I state that the years spent on the Construction Engineering programme at Caledonian College were the most formative and beneficial years of my life. Apart from academic coaching which is of the highest standard in the region, I also had numerous opportunities to participate in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Foremost among these was my participation in the Student-Staff Consultative group of which I was chairman and was able to take on numerous student-related issues and work towards solutions in the best interests of all parties involved.

My visit to the host university at Glasgow helped me realize just how comparable students from this college are to students anywhere in the world. I now feel more confident to take on the challenges of my job and I look upon myself as a complete engineer. A sound technology background that I have gained over the years of my study on this programme is my most significant asset.

Fahd Yahya Al-Raisi

Being the first ever honours graduate of the department and of the college, I look back upon my years of study at Caledonian College of Engineering with a sense of pride, satisfaction and achievement.

Although I had been employed at the time of my study at the college, I found this engineering programme helping me consistently perform better by providing me with clear technical concepts and analytical skills in respect of the work I routinely did until then. Needless to say, this was the opportunity for me to hone my creative, technical and other skills so very necessary to me in my line of operation.

Jokha Nasser Abdullah Al-Husseini

Studying on the Quantity Surveying programme at this college and earning a degree is a long-cherished dream come true for me. I commenced my working career as an administrative assistant with a construction company and I quickly realized the potential quantity surveying held for Omani graduates in Oman. I realized my dream job even as I passed my diploma level examinations and I am now a satisfied person looking to further master the skills I have learnt at this college.

I have also been able to put to use my creative talents in model-making thanks to the encouragement and support I received and the sound knowledge of technical aspects covered in my study. All-round academic as well as personality development is the main feature of study at Caledonian College of Engineering.

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