About IT Services

Caledonian College of Engineering has state-of-the-art Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure and Services. IT Services (ITS) is a section that manages and provides campus-wide Information Technology services centrally to meet the needs of courses, administration, research, and staff and students generally.

ITS provides various IT and Information System (IS) services such as IT Helpdesk and Solutions, wired and wireless infrastructure, datacentre management, digitised office automation and workflow management across the campus.

The department is made up of 5 key functional areas; (i) IT Testing and Validation and Research, (ii) Enterprise Information System Services, (iii) Network infrastructure and Central Services ,(iv) Web, Digital Media and Visualisation services, and (v) IT & Computing Support Services.

Major Areas of IT Services

Information Technology Testing & Validation and Research: This area focuses on research in IT Solutions, for both Hardware and Software available in the current market, in order to recommend to the authorities the use of appropriate solutions for CCE. The team is actively knowledgeable about various products with history and updates. It also continually looks forward to applying the most effective communication media among students and staff, managing software licenses, updating & upgradating of software.

Enterprise Information System Services: ITS develops and maintains the automation of core activities of CCE in-house. College functions are integrated, thus information is available across departments and processes.

Network Infrastructure and Central Server Services: CCE has state-of-the-art wireless and wired network infrastructure connected to the datacentre. Every user will be provided with a secure account to access the college e-resources.

Web, Digital Media and Visualisation Services: Web design, development, content management and maintenance at CCE are done by ITS. Resources and references such as forms, policies, procedures, handbooks, user guides, news and events, e-Notice boards, etc. are digitised and produced/published by ITS.

Designing and development of marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, etc. and audio/video /photography support during various events at CCE are provided by ITS.

IT Services for Learning and Computing: ITS provides entire support for academic and non-academic areas such as Blackboard, Smartboard, Discussion forums etc.

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