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Quality at Caledonian College of Engineering (CCE)

Since His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said came to power in 1970, the Sultanate of Oman has made remarkable progress. This is clearly visible, for instance, in the higher education sector, in which many colleges, university colleges and universities have sprung up and established themselves, offering a wide range of educational opportunities to both Omani students and expatriates residing in Oman. Higher education is known to be of critical importance as a nation develops and moves forward, since it underpins the creation of a skillful and knowledgeable workforce, facilitates lifelong learning, acts as a custodian and promoter of national culture and heritage and, in general, supports the social and economic health of the nation. Research and consultancy carried out by academic staff in Oman’s higher education institutions is also of great benefit in forging links between industry and academia, solving or alleviating practical problems, and extending the boundaries of existing knowledge.

Caledonian College of Engineering, a University College, is proud to play its part as an active contributor in all these areas, and is therefore committed to ensuring that all its operations and services meet international standards in terms of quality. Acting in full cooperation with the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority and our partner universities, and in compliance with all requirements of the Ministry of Higher Education, the College (CCE) places great emphasis on quality management. For more than a decade its comprehensive quality management framework has allowed all College stakeholders (including students, staff, and the wider community) to have confidence that attention to standards and quality lies at the heart of the institution’s operations. The Quality Enhancement and Assurance Department (QEAD) play a crucial role in this, and through its Head reports directly to the Dean.

The Role of Academic Council

The CCE’s Academic Council has overall responsibility for academic standards and quality in the College, and is chaired by the Dean. It discusses all important matters, and approves (where appropriate) all new initiatives, directly related to CCE’s core academic activities: learning, teaching, assessment and research. It sits as the apex of the College’s committee structure and oversees and, where appropriate, approves the work of other key committees (such as Learning and Teaching Committee, Research Committee, Quality Committee, and all Programme Boards).

The Role of QEAD

The Quality Enhancement and Assurance Department (QEAD) is responsible for ensuring compliance approved systems so as to safeguard the quality of all activities (quality assurance). It is also increasingly concerned with identifying good practices both inside and outside the College so that these can be adopted more widely, leading to quality enhancement. The prime focus of QEAD is academic quality - defined at CCE as the quality of teaching, learning, and research. In all three areas, QEAD seeks to ensure that the ADRI cycle (Approach, Deployment, Results, Improvement) is embedded into the planning and implementation of activities.

QEAD’s role entails close liaison with the College Executive; with CCE’s seven academic departments (five based at the Al Hail Campus and two in the School of Foundation Studies); and with the Academic Assessment Department. In addition, QEAD can be requested by the Dean, to carry out an audit of any department in the College, academic or non-academic. QEAD is also responsible for ensuring that all CCE documentation in English is produced according to standard templates and is clear and well presented.

Dr Susamma Chacko
Head of Quality Enhancement and Assurance
Quality Enhancement and Assurance Department
Ext: 175
Email: Susamma@caledonian.edu.om

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