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Caledonian College of Engineering believes that college life is not only about books, learning and exams. Participation in non-academic activities will help you to improve your leadership skills, teamwork, and the ability to meet and overcome challenges and above all inculcates in you the spirit of sportsmanship. All these are skills you will need in your day to day life especially when you move out into the world of work. With this in view ample opportunities are available to hone your skills.

Among many of the activities we at the Students Support Services organise are sports, recreational, cultural, social, and religious and community activities.

  • Sports: Facilities available for football, basketball, cricket, table-tennis, badminton & volleyball. While participating in many inter-college and inter-club tournaments, the college also conducts internal tournaments during semesters.
    Contact: Mr. Mohammed Al Mazrooi (Ext. 276) / Mr. Muntassar Al Balushi (ext.280) Room M005.
  • Arts & Culture: Exhibitions are held regularly with students displaying their skills in art & handicrafts
    Contact: Mr. Ali Al Ghafri (ext.279))/ Mr. Muntassar Al Balushi (ext.279)
  • Social: National events are also celebrated with the college organising many events to coincide with national celebrations.
    Contact: Ms. Suad Ali Al Fannah (ext.150)

    The Sports & Fun Day is a day looked forward to by the students who engage and participate in many fun events ending with a cultural/musical show.
    Contact: Mr. Ali Al Ghafri (ext.279))/ Mr. Muntassar Al Balushi (ext.279)

    The ‘Ladies Night’ also provides an opportunity for the female students to engage in fun and enjoyment.
    Contact: Ms. Ruqaya Salman (ext.278)/ Ms Safiya Al Jabri (ext.277))

    The College Day is another event looked forward to by all the students. While engaging the students in many activities of skill this also serves as an awards ceremony where prizes are awarded to the winners of various inter-department sports competitions. The event concludes with a cultural programme.
    Contact: Mr Mohammed Al Mazrooi (Ext. 276)
  • Religious: Religious talks and events are organised especially during the holy month of Ramadhan.
    Contact: Mr. Ali Al Ghafri (ext.279)
  • Community Activities: The college also encourages students to take part in community activities, a charity fair organised by them being the main event. Proceeds are donated to a recognised charitable institution.
    Ms. Safiya al Jabri / Mr. Ali Al Ghafri (ext.279)

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