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About Us

Caledonian College of Engineering (CCE) was founded in 1996 in affiliation with Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU), UK, and since then has established itself as one of the most successful private colleges in the Sultanate of Oman. Through this affiliation agreement, students are able to complete their study in Oman for the award of University Diploma, Honours Degree and Master’s Degree in engineering disciplines, directly linked to comparable programmes offered in GCU. CCE also offers UG and PG programmes in collaboration with University of South Carolina, USA.

The Caledonian Unit of Training & Professional Development (CuTPD) of CCE, a training unit approved and recognized by the Ministry of Manpower, Sultanate of Oman, was established to provide unique and dynamic training solution to corporate clients and to be Oman’s preferred provider of educational & professional development training courses.

Vision of CuTPD :
To be a leading training provider in the field of engineering and management that promotes professional excellence.

Mission of CuTPD:
To provide training and development that contributes to the professional development of individuals, society and corporates in the field of engineering and management.


Our dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced professionals will create and deliver training programmes based on your organization needs. Our objectives are:

  • To provide employees with professional and educational training.
  • To identify the need of industry and deliver a custom-made formative courses.
  • To act as a centre of offering certified professional courses as means of continuing education and training.
  • To develop and encourage integration of training into the workplace through short courses.
  • To provide value addition courses to graduates for enhancing employability.
  • To provide cost effective solutions to industries in the area of technological problems and in applied research.

CCE Experience

CuTPD has a wide range of experience in providing quality customised training solutions for its corporate clients specializing in the design, development, delivery and management of workplace specific training solutions. We take pride in our expertise to provide professional training programmes with course content and facilities to fulfil the requirements of corporate clients & industries. Our team of highly qualified professionals has wealth of experience in delivering courses to wide range of clients such as OMIFCO, Oman Gas Company, Galfar Construction and Contracting Companies, Arabian Industries, Ministry of Defence, RCA and Ministry of Education, among others.

The following are examples of the many varied programmes that have been part of our training solutions:

  • Foundations Studies (English, Mathematics & Sciences)
  • Professional & Personal Development
  • Project & Quality Management
  • Business & Leadership Skills Management
  • Information Technology
  • Industrial Trades programmes
  • Engineering Technology (Mechanical, Electronics & Electrical, Instrumentation Civil and Construction Environment)
  • Technician Training
  • Asset and Maintenance Management
  • Health, Safety & Environmental Training
  • Chemical & Process Engineering
  • Oil and Gas Engineering  

Our Services

The CuTPD is committed to quality service and outstanding value in providing training solutions for the corporate marketplace.  

Custom-Designed Training Programmes:

Training packages are designed to meet the specific needs of industries and corporate clients. For our customized programmes, we do the following: 

  • Conduct training needs identification and analysis
  • Develop need based training materials
  • Implement and deliver training programmes
  • Conduct continuous assessment of achievements
  • Produce end point evaluation

Corporate Consulting Services

We provide cost-effective solutions for our customers in the area of technological investigation, evaluation and testing as well as in applied research and development. 

Our Consulting Services provide effective long-term solutions for medium to large companies and are conducted in strict company confidentiality. 

Our Team will

  • Conduct an initial needs analysis and evaluation
  • Identify key factors and deliverables of the proposed work
  • Develop a project proposal
  • Identify and source experienced faculty and consultants
  • Implement the project
  • Provide progress reports and continuous evaluations

Certificate Programmes & Short Courses

Corporate Training & Continuing Education Development work with a wide range of professional associations to support the learning needs of the working professional.  There are certified educational programmes and accredited engineering courses currently available to the working professionals or students and are available on a part-time or regular basis at CCE.  They include:  CISCO, PMI, DELTA, CELTA, and AUTOCAD. CuTPD also offers wide range of short courses in engineering and management areas in partnership with reputed training and educational institutions.

Continuing Education Programmes

Continuing education programmes are an integral part of CCE. These are conducted to provide quality, accessible and relevant learning opportunities to the working professionals and the community. Our continuing education programmes include part time PG diploma and Certificate programmes, credit courses and non-credit courses in various disciplines of engineering.

Quality & International Partnership

We seek to play a vital role in enabling our clients and their organisations to succeed this challenging and changing environment. CuTPD division applies best quality practice of integrated learning for beginners by embedding foundation studies and personal development within technical training.

Our delivery features include:

  • Professional and experienced instructors.
  • World class instruction from industry and academic.
  • An interactive approach.
  • Pre and post session engagement to ensure effective learning.
  • A focus on today’s best practices and current issues.
  • On-site and off-site training locations.

We have a wide range of internal and external partnerships with industries, trainers, consultants, universities and colleges who can translate their knowledge and experience into dynamic learning events for varied audiences.  Our international partnership for training includes National Institute of Construction Management & Research (NICMAR), GCU, USC, Petrocon Institute of Piping Engineering and PMI, etc.

Training Feedback and Facilities

  • All persons on courses will receive written feedback on their progress and performance at regular intervals.  Copies of each person’s performance and progress are forwarded to the client for information and review.
  • The College is equipped with more than 35 state of the art laboratories and workshops which are continually upgraded.
  • A local area network ties all computers and peripherals to a campuswide network allowing access to its resources and those which lie beyond on the Internet.  Wireless LAN enables campuswide network access for students and staff.
  • The Caledonian Library and Information Centre is the main source of all information in the College with regular addition of books in various fields of engineering catering to the needs of the users. For core areas, subscription to technical journals and magazines including more computers are additional features.
  • The College is equipped with modern classrooms, smart rooms, and learning centres.

For Further Information, please call:

Caledonian Unit for Training and Professional -Development Training   (CuTPD)
Caledonian College of Engineering – Post-office Box: 2322, CPO Seeb 111 Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
Phone: 00968 24536165 Ext: 390 & 376                                                      

Training Courses offered by CuTPD

Training Programs:

  • Laboratory Chemist Training (6 months)
  • Process Operator (15 weeks)
  • Mechanical Foreman Training (6 months
  • Laboratory Equipment Repair and Maintenance (Intermediate & Advanced) (3 weeks)
  • Air Conditioning Technician Course (10 weeks)
  • Electrician Technician Course (10 weeks)
  • Sewage Treatment Plant & Plumbing Technician Course (10 weeks)
  • Intensive Technical English Course (10 weeks)
  • Civil Engineering Training Course (12 weeks)
  • IT Skills Training (10 weeks)
  • Technical English and Codification Training (10 weeks)
  • Mechanical Technician Course (10 months )
  • Electrical Technician Course (10 months)
  • Mechanical Fitters  & Welder Course (10 months)
  • Machinist Course (10 months)
  • Instrumentation Technician (10 months)
  • Plumbing Technician Course (10 months)
  • Process Technician Course (10 months)
  • Rotating Machinery Mechanics Course (10 months)
  • AC Mechanic Course (10 months)
  • Automobile Mechanic Course (10 months)


Short Courses & Workshops:

  • Building Digital Libraries using open source software (DSpace) (2 days)
  • Maintenance Management (4 weeks)
  • Recent Trends in Process Modeling, Design and Simulation (6 weeks)
  • Engineering Drawing and AutoCAD (4 weeks)
  • Piping Design and Drafting (6 weeks)
  • Analytical Techniques and Instrumentation for Chemical and Process Engineers (3 days)
  • Principles of Instrumentation (6 weeks)
  • Solid Waste Management (6 weeks)
  • Noise Vibration and Condition Monitoring of Rotating Machines (3 days)
  • Noise Measurement Analysis and Control (3 days)
  • Practical Vibration Analysis for the Process Industries (3days)
  • Renewable Energy Systems using RET Screen Software (2 days)
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance and RCM2 Process (3 days)
  • Project Management Professional Preparatory Course (5 days full time)
  • English Language Training (4 weeks of 5 two-hour sessions)
  • Leadership Skills (two-day program)
  • Professional Development (2 days / 15 hours)
  • Pre- College Course (10 weeks / 250 hours)
  • Teaching & Learning (2 days)
  • Understanding Organizational Structure (2 days)

Certificate Programs (In Collaboration with International Partners):

  • Project Management Professional (Full time & Part Time)
  • Project Planning and Scheduling Using MSP & P6 (NICMAR)
  • Executive PG Diploma in Quantity Surveying and Services  (Certified by NICMAR)
  • Executive PG Diploma in Contract and Commercial Management (Certified by NICMAR)
  • Certificate Program in Quantity Survey and Services (NICMAR)
  • Advanced  PG  Diploma  in Aviation Management  Courses (ENAC)
  • CCNA Cisco Networking Associate (8 weeks)
  • Executive PG diploma in Process Piping and Design
  • Certificate Course in Piping and Pressure Vessel Design (6 months)
  • University of Cambridge Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults (CELT A) (Part time 12 weeks and Full time 4 weeks)
  • University of Cambridge Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA) (3 months full time) & (6-12 months part time)

For more Information please contact:

Mr. Mohammed Al- Abri
Assistant Manager- (CUTPD)
Phone: 24536165 Ext : 390
GSM: 99438098


Mr. Khaldoon Al-Moughrabi
Manager- (CUTPD)
Phone: 24536165 Ext : 376
GSM: 94102909

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