Laboratory and Computing Facilities

The college has state-of-the art infrastructure and laboratory facilities suitable for various programmes on offer. The laboratory and workshop facilities are frequently upgraded to adopt recent developments in technologies relevant to the programmes. A list of laboratories is given below:

  1. Multimedia Laboratory
  2. PC Lab 1
  3. PC Lab 2
  4. Microprocessor & Hardware Lab
  5. CISCO Networking Laboratory
  6. Analogue Electronics Laboratory
  7. Digital Electronics Laboratory
  8. Communication Engineering Laboratory
  9. Basic Electronics Laboratory
  10. Electrical Power Engineering Laboratory
  11. Open Access Laboratory
  12. Mechanics Laboratory
  13. Mechatronics-1 Laboratory (Pneumatics lab)
  14. Dynamics & Material Testing Laboratory
  15. CAD/CAM Laboratory
  16. Workshop
  17. Metrology Laboratory
  18. Artefact Laboratory
  19. Mechatronics.2 Laboratory (Control Engineering & Instrumentation Laboratory)
  20. Chemical Analysis Laboratory
  21. Process Engineering Laboratory
  22. Chemical Engineering Laboratory
  23. Unit Operation Laboratory
  24. Process CAD Laboratory
  25. Structural Mechanics Laboratory
  26. Material testing Laboratory
  27. Surveying Laboratory
  28. Geo-techniques Laboratory
  29. Building Performance Laboratory
  30. Water and Environmental Engineering Laboratory
  31. Highway Materials Testing Laboratory
  32. CAD Laboratory
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The College operates computing facilities which include various feature-rich computer laboratories, classrooms with smart boards & multimedia projectors and Blackboard virtual learning facilities. The college local area network ties over 800 computers and associated peripherals to a campus-wide network allowing access to its resources and those which lie beyond on the Internet. Wireless LAN enables campus-wide network access for students and staff.

The College IT Support Centre also maintains a number of computing facilities for general use by students, faculty, and staff. These facilities can be used for many general purpose computing activities.

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