Foundation Courses

If you choose to study engineering at Caledonian, you will most likely begin your experience of college life at our Airport Heights Campus, dedicated to the School of Foundation Studies. Here you will receive a warm welcome from our team of foundation experts who provide every support to help you prepare for your future studies.


The School of Foundation Studies comprises 40 committed and expert staff members who deliver a strong foundation programme to over 1000 students. The programme comprises three separate modules, covering English language, mathematics and IT skills. Also included in the programme are elements of physics and chemistry and study skills: these are the skills you will need to succeed in your further studies and include note-taking, use of the library, report writing, academic referencing, and keeping to deadlines. The programme fully conforms to national standards for foundation studies, as approved by the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA).

Foundation Approach to Learning & Teaching

We firmly believe that people remember better when they find things out for themselves. We also believe that people learn better through practical application, rather than just learning rules or theories. Success in the modern world depends on the ability to solve problems creatively, working in teams to meet deadlines. This is why, in Foundation Studies, you will find you are often asked by your teacher to work in groups to solve problems or complete projects by a given deadline. Many students find this difficult at first because they are used to following instructions given by a teacher. In higher studies and in employment, however, it is necessary to think for yourself and work independently and in teams. Your preparation for those challenges begins in Foundation.

Structure of the Programme

The Foundation Programme is a one-year programme comprised of two courses, Foundation 1 and the more challenging Foundation 2, each of which takes one semester to complete. Each course is comprised of three modules, Language and Learning (English and study skills), Technobasics (maths and science) and IT Skills. At the beginning of the foundation programme you will take a placement test so that we can determine your language capability. We offer a Pre-College course for students whose English skills need more intensive study.

Continuing Support

The School of Foundation Studies also provides support in Levels 1 and 2 of engineering studies as well as offering professional development through short courses. Staff development is offered through a certified CELTA and DELTA course.


Production (Writing & Speaking)
Exposure (Listening & Reading)
Structure (Grammar & Vocabulary)
Research Skills
Document Design


Academic Texts
Speaking & Debate
Research Skills
Document Design

Mode of study

  • Full time mode- 25 hrs + 5 hrs study between 8 a.m. & 5 p.m. Secondary School leavers.
  • Part time mode – 18 hrs + 7 hrs directed study + 5 hrs self study between 4 p.m. & 8 p.m. Mature working students.
  • Special Part time as above, but for students only able to attend on a two-weekly-rota basis.

NB Students are expected to access their course materials online through Blackboard for both their directed and self study hours. Tutors are available online for guidance throughout the course.


All students who successfully complete the Foundation Programme will receive a certificate and are automatically eligible to progress to Level 1 (first year) of their chosen engineering programme at Caledonian College of Engineering.

Hear it from our Alumni:

Ishaq Hamood Mohammed Al Kalabani
1st year, Process Operation & Maintenance Engineering

“My studies in the School of Foundation helped me develop and practise my English, mathematics and study skills. I was able to speak and write better with the help of this programme. Foundation was a useful bridge for my engineering studies, enabling me to understand the concepts in engineering more easily.”


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