Credit Transfer

If you have obtained a qualification from a recognized and/or approved higher education institution, or if you have completed part of an undergraduate programme, you may be considered for credit transfer based on the relevance of the subjects you have studied to the modules of the programmes chosen by you.  Credit transfer will be granted after verifying the syllabus of your prior learning to match with our college syllabus to ensure that you are given every opportunity to obtain credit without missing out on any important parts of your skills development. 

Please note that training programmes and in-house skills development programmes are not considered for credit transfer.

We could give you an initial idea about the modules eligible for credit transfer if you apply for the “Possibility Check of Module Credit Transfer”. The application for this must consist of the following:

  1. Duly filled possibility check form which can be obtained from Admissions Department.
  2. Copy of official transcript
  3. Stamped copy of course syllabus

You may also choose to apply for an official assessment for credit transfer. The steps below explain the process followed by the College:

STEP 1: Submission of Credit Transfer Application

  • You must indicate at the time of applying that you wish to be considered for Credit Transfer and you must submit documents as required.
    • Application for credit transfer.
    • Certificates and transcripts (for secondary school as well as for higher qualifications)
    • . Approved syllabus of the subjects for which you are applying for credit transfer.
    • Non-refundable processing fee of RO 125

STEP 2: Assessment of Credit Transfer Application

  • Credit Transfer Application will be assessed by the relevant academic department, taking into account the relevance of your prior qualification(s) to the proposed field of study, the institution where you previously studied, the mode in which you studied, and an individual assessment of your experience and skills.

STEP 3: Approval of Credit Transfer Application

  • Based on the assessment, the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies gives the final approval for Credit Transfer.
  • Staff of the Admissions Department will contact you at this point to inform you of the decision and obtain your final acceptance

Note :CCE will not consider Credit Transfer if the applicant’s grade for the module for which the credit transfer is sought is low.

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